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The New Day Recovery Approach

At New Day Recovery, our master’s degree level counselors and therapists use models of therapy that are based on current research. Put simply, we use methods that work. At New Day Recovery, we focus our approaches so that we are using methods that have been demonstrated to be effective, rather than using a “trial-and-error” approach.

Though we have counseling and therapy models that are known to work, we also understand that you are an individual with unique needs and characteristics. Because of this, The New Day Recovery approach also includes tailoring our therapy models to the needs of our clients. Our clients’ needs are always the focus of what we do.

At New Day Recovery, we follow the ethical and practice guidelines defined by the American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers and the American Psychological Association.

Here are some of the types of therapy we use at New Day Recovery with links to more information about those specific models:

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